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GTA 5 ONLINE: NEW! “LEAKED DLC INFO!” (Heist, Casinos, Stock Exchange, Pink slips, Drug Deals, Races)

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GTA Online – Casinos, Drug Dealing, NEW Qualities, Equine Racing & More (Future DLC) [GTA V]

GTA ONLINE FUTURE DLC. Casinos, Equine Racing, Demolition Derbys, Drug Dealing, Different Options to earn money, More Qualities, Gambling, &amplifier more. I discuss some game files which were based in the recent update. Hope everyone enjoy 🙂

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GTA Online – Casinos, Drug Dealing, NEW Qualities, Equine Racing &amplifier More (Future DLC) [GTA V]
GTA Online – Casinos, Drug Dealing, NEW Qualities, Equine Racing &amplifier More (Future DLC) [GTA V]
GTA Online – Casinos, Drug Dealing, NEW Qualities, Equine Racing &amplifier More (Future DLC) [GTA V]

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