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Play Roulette online

Roulette is too many the mindset of the casino's luxury, glamor and excitement, and anyone who wants to play Roulette online has a sandwich table to choose from online. Roulette is available in a number of variants and in this article we will take a look at the three most common: American, European and French. We review basic differences regarding rules and odds. In addition, we offer the world's most popular roulette system. If you are looking forward to a try, then we recommend a visit to any of the best Roulette casinos online, as listed in the table below:

Rules in brief

In Roulette, a bullet is spinning along the edge of a spinning wheel with 37 or 38 numbered pockets. When the ball rolls down the wheel, it bounces it a number of times before it stops in any of the pockets. The player focuses on which pocket or group of pockets the ball will stay in. The bet is made by placing playing fields in the various fields on the playing field next to the wheel.

Different variants of Roulette

There are a variety of Roulette types to choose from. Below we review what distinguishes the most common and most popular. European Roulette. The European Roulette uses 37 numbers (including zero) and the colors black, red and green. All numbers are black or red except zero which is green. Since the European Roulette has only zero, the repayment rate of the money invested goes back to the players in terms of profits of excellent 97.3%. European Roulette is by far the most simple variant, and for those who are new to Roulette, it's the obvious choice. Try playing our own free Roulette. American Roulette. At a quick glance, the American roulette table may seem identical to the European, but as soon as one gets closer, one realizes that there are two tricks for the ball to end up giving the result zero. American Roulette uses both 0 and 00 and thus has 38 tricks for the ball to end up instead of the 37 used by the European Roulette. In other words, the double zero reduces the repayment rate to the players to 94.74%. The extra tray represents just one more opportunity to lose. So if you do not feel very strong for American Roulette, we suggest you choose another variant. French Roulette. French Roulette traditionally offers a rule that increases the repayment rate to the players for bets that pay even money, the so-called En Prison rule. This means you get a chance to win back your bet when the ball stops at zero if you made a bet that pays even money. If the ball ends at zero then your bet is "in jail" on the wagered numbers, and the wheels and balls are reversed. If you keep the ball on these numbers in the next round, you will get back your bet, without winning anything. French Roulette is clearly the best player, but has somewhat more complicated rules.

Roulette system online

The dream of the giant winnings at roulette tables has over the years propagated a number of different Roulette strategies and systems. The truth, however, is that none of these systems can guarantee profits. However, playing a system can be fun, as well as a great way to keep track of your bankroll. Therefore, we offer free of charge for the four most common. All Roulette systems, including the following, will even work for bets that pay for even cash, ie even / odd, black / red or high / low bets. Martingale system. Martingale is the most famous system and probably what feels the most intuitive right. Martingale stipulates that you should begin by wagering a low base effort, and then doubling this bet every time you win your losses. When you do that, restart your basic effort and so on. Because Martingale only applies to even bets, the chance of great winnings is zero, but if you have a solid bankroll you can minimize losses with this system. Fibonacci system. Fibonacci simply means that you bet according to a Fibonacci sequence that you create, which is simple. You start by choosing a certain amount to bet, for example, 5 USD, and adds it to yourself to the right. Then add the two numbers to the right to each other to get the next digit in the sequence. If you start by wagering 5 crowns, repeat that number and sum up and get 10. The sequence will start 5, 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 65, 105, and so on. The advantage of the Martingale system is that the sums do not grow as fast. The D'Alembert system. The D'Alembert system assumes that the ball will statistically stay on red and black numbers as often. It is thought that over a series of 100 or more, the bullet will stay on red and black more or less in half of the cases, and one further thinks that if a certain color comes up a number of times in a row, the wheel will see to "correct" the statistical imbalance. The assumption that the wheel should "correct" any statistical imbalance is, however, directly mathematically incorrect. So you do not believe in the intrinsic magic of the game, this is nothing for you. Labouchere system. Labouchere assumes that you start by determining how much you will aim to win. Then you share the expected amount of money in equal bets. If you assume you want to win one hundred kronor, you can divide it into, for example, 13, 10, 7, 8, 3, 20, 10, 5, 16, 14 (total 100). Then add the number to the far left with the number to the far right, thus bet 13 + 14, ie. USD 27. If you win, then iron the numbers at the far left and right. Then you take the next pair from right or left, in this case 10 + 16. If, on the other hand, you lose the loss number 27 on the right, and for the next bet you add 13 from the left and the new number 27 from the right and bet 40 USD. This way you continue until you either lose your original $ 100 or win the $ 100 you earned to win from the start. The advantage of Labouchere is that the size of the bets does not grow exponentially as at Martingale, and you make a thank you for how much you may lose. Game Developer with Online Roulette The difference between game developers is greatest in terms of Slots, but a few words may be in place about the two best developers of online roulette. Microgaming has the largest offer, and also offers its flagship Multi Wheel Roulette, which plays the same bet on 8 roulette wheels simultaneously. It's really nice, and is a great way to quickly see the results of playing a specific system. NetEnt, on its part, has somewhat wider graphics performance. Both perform excellent Roulettes, with well-balanced background noise and the ability to quickly see which numbers are "hot" and "cold" respectively. The Roulette fantastic can be chosen, for example, by Verajohn, who offers both NetEnts and Microgaming roulettes or try out one of our new casinos we review.

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Deposit Option

Visa Mastercard

Finance your casino account instantly! You can easily make deposits with your Visa or MasterCard or debit card credit. Important: If you are a new customer and want to process transactions using a credit card, complete the agreement in the form of a credit card. Our accounting department must have the completed form on file to process withdrawals. Cancellations: We understand that errors may occur at any time. Vegas slots are ready to consider your case if your card has been billed twice, badly loaded or without authentication. Situation requires a valid return, and that is what we will do. To delete the transaction and request a refund, send an email to: or call us at 1-888-586-1088 Multiple purchases presented as a transaction: If you made multiple purchases, you can see them bundled in a transaction on your credit / debit card statement. You can not receive a receipt for each purchase, and this fee may be displayed on your credit or debit card a few days after purchase.


Neteller: (for customers only non-US and CA) Want to make payments on the same day? Are you looking for an online service to transfer money instantly? Then Neteller is for you. Fast and secure Neteller describes the best. Another good thing about this online money transfer service is that you do not have to pay any extra for transfers to and from the casino. Just visit and create your Neteller hoy.Nota account: Sorry, Neteller is available for customers in the US and Canada only. Withdrawal methods Withdrawals in Vegas casino locations are as easy as online casino deposits. Simply log in to your casino account, click on "Cashier", then on the "Remove Money" button. In the banking menu, you can choose your retirement plan. Some of them include Cash Deposit, Neteller, Check (Federal Express Cashier Check), Click2Pay or Bank Transfer. Different methods have rates attached to them retirement. For exact details, please contact our customer service team. Players should be aware that the processing of withdrawals requires an appropriate paper work. Players will be contacted after approval to check all personal information and discuss current payment options. Players must have correct information (e-mail address, physical address, phone numbers, E-Wallet account) to pay. A credit card deposit in the past requires filling out a credit card form contract to process a payment. Contact our support team and learn more about types of documents may be required. Documentation will be requested each time you use a new card, or as often as every six months. Our accounting services or withdrawals may need to send necessary copies or documentation from time to time. This is for your safety, as well as ours, and appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Unless otherwise stated, Vegas Slots Casino allows a maximum payment of $ 2,000 per week. If you are a VIP player, the weekly payments can be even higher. Due to banks and ongoing processing in the community of online gambling problems, we can not give an exact date at which payments will be made after approval. Las Vegas casino slot withdrawals take very seriously and our players get paid as quickly as possible. Vegas Casino Slots wants its players to have an easy time while they are here. To achieve this goal, Vegas Slots offers several quick and effective payment plans. If you use another method that best suits you to inform us about it, and try to work with this system. Here are the deadlines for their releases to be credited or sent you are registered. These times are calculated in working days. (Monday to Friday, are not considered working days). reverse withdrawals If the withdrawal has already been approved, and wishes to have it deposited in your casino account, you must contact us for assistance. Neteller Searching for a withdrawal by Neteller is easy, and absolutely not involved any fees! Make sure we have your account number or a correct Neteller email address. Bank Transfer Special requirements for withdrawals by bank transfer may be charged. The smallest possible withdrawal by bank transfer is $ 200 For more information about pay cable, contact us: please bank checks Checks include bank charges and night processing fees. Therefore, the minimum amount is $ 300 Because these checks are sent by mail safely and not delivered to PO Checks are sent out the boxes 3 to 8 working days after the withdrawals are paid and sent only to the " Address that we have in the file for your account. The costs associated with this process are deducted from the withdrawals of profit.